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Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs Open Day Recruitment Across Europe and Australia


Emirates, one of the world's leading airlines, is renowned for its exceptional cabin crew service. If you've ever dreamt of soaring through the skies while providing top-notch customer service, this is your chance! Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs Open Day Recruitment is coming to various locations across Europe and Australia. In this article, we will take you through the exciting opportunities that await you as an aspiring cabin crew member, with a focus on job openings in Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.

Emirates Cabin Crew: A World of Opportunities

Emirates is known for its commitment to excellence in the aviation industry. As a member of the Emirates cabin crew, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that go beyond just a paycheck. These include extensive training, a competitive salary, and the chance to see the world while representing one of the world's most prestigious airlines.

Who we are looking for:

To be considered for Emirates cabin crew you’ll need to be:

  • Fluent in written and spoken English (additional languages are an advantage)
  • A natural team player with a personality that shines
  • At least 160cm tall and able to reach 212cm high
  • Able to meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements


And have:

  • At least 1 year of hospitality or customer service experience
  • A minimum of high school (Grade 12) education
  • No visible tattoos while in Emirates cabin crew uniform

New Zealand - Auckland:

Auckland's stunning landscapes are complemented by Emirates' reputation for world-class service. Join the Emirates cabin crew in this beautiful location.

Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane:

Emirates is hosting open day recruitment events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. If you're passionate about aviation and want to join the Emirates family, these cities provide excellent opportunities to launch your career.

United Kingdom - London and Manchester:

London and Manchester are two bustling hubs for Emirates recruitment in the UK. You can be a part of the team that delivers world-class service on flights departing from these iconic cities.

Netherlands - Amsterdam:

Amsterdam's vibrant atmosphere is the perfect setting for your career to flourish with Emirates.

Switzerland - Zurich:

Zurich, Switzerland's financial and cultural hub, is also a key recruitment location for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs Open Day Recruitment. In this picturesque city, where Swiss precision meets Emirates' commitment to excellence, you can embark on an exciting career journey as a member of the Emirates cabin crew. Zurich's stunning landscapes, high-quality living standards, and rich cultural scene make it an ideal place to start your Emirates adventure.

Sweden - Stockholm:

Emirates invites you to embrace the spirit of Scandinavia by becoming a part of the cabin crew team in Stockholm.

Italy - Milan:

Milan's fashion-forward culture pairs effortlessly with Emirates' dedication to style and service. Begin your Emirates journey in the heart of Italy.

Ireland - Dublin:

Dublin's warmth and hospitality align seamlessly with Emirates' commitment to customer service. Begin your journey in this charming city.

Germany - Frankfurt:

Frankfurt's business hub status is matched only by Emirates' commitment to professionalism. Join the Emirates cabin crew in this dynamic city.

Finland - Helsinki:

Helsinki is a city known for its modern design and innovation, making it a perfect backdrop for your career take-off with Emirates.

Denmark - Copenhagen:

Copenhagen's modernity meets Emirates' innovation. Join the ranks of cabin crew professionals in the Danish capital.

  1. Austria - Vienna:

    Vienna's rich cultural heritage meets Emirates' commitment to excellence. Become part of a team that bridges cultures and connects the world.

Singapore - Singapore City:

Singapore, often referred to as the "Lion City," is a thriving metropolis known for its modernity, efficiency, and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It's also one of the key recruitment locations for Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs Open Day Recruitment in Asia.


Emirates Cabin Crew Jobs Open Day Recruitment is an extraordinary opportunity for those who aspire to be part of a world-class airline. Whether you're in Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, or Italy, there is a place for you in the Emirates family. Don't miss this chance to turn your dream of becoming an airhostess into a reality. Mark the dates and locations, prepare your resume, and get ready to take off on an incredible career journey with Emirates!

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